Beginner Guitar
Lessons Toronto

With Marcus Martin

Check out what this Master educator had to say about my teaching HERE

“One of the best teacher I have had… If you really, really want to learn how to play guitar…not just mimic a few songs….Marcus is your man. I am still amazed when someone else can play any song and I can jump in and play along happily improvising. This is only possible due to Marcus’s unique approach that focuses on why things sound like they do and the patterns found all over the guitar neck that are your roadmap to better playing and more fun.” – Jim S

“I chose Marcus as my guitar instructor because of his unique, flexible teaching style. Everyone perceives and learns in different ways. Marcus intuitively understands each student and structures their lessons to suit their needs, goals and personalities.” – Duane F

“After 15 years of being happily stuck in a rut of basic chords I took the plunge with Marcus and haven’t looked back. There’s no pressure to do anything other than learn and enjoy yourself at your own speed. And you will learn. And you will enjoy it. My understanding of the fret board has increased vastly, frets 5 and upwards are no longer a scary place for my fingers to visit.” – David F

“Marcus is a kind, patient, and extremely gifted musician, and is a teacher that I would recommend highly to aspiring guitarists of all ability levels. His unique approach to teaching is one that has been honed through years of experience, and as a result, students reach their maximum potential in a short amount of time. Marcus offers a welcoming and supportive environment, allowing one to tackle any challenge they might face, whether it be rhythm, or stage fright. I have learned to play faster than I thought possible, and am extremely grateful to have found such a talented teacher.” – Danielle G

“I am the kind of guy that can’t even tap his foot to ‘we will rock you’; nevertheless, i am determined to master guitar no matter what. i have been to several instructors in the past over several years, with the cumulative benefit of learning basic open chords and being able to strum along to a simple folk song or two — provided the music was loud enough that i couldn’t hear myself. after only a few months with marcus, i am actually playing music, not just strumming chords. not only am i tapping my foot, i am understanding the beats. the guy rocks.” – Ray T

“I was impressed that not only is Marcus a fantastic guitar player, but also a very good teacher. Marcus was able to incorporate my particular interests and ideas into the framework of the lessons and has kept each class different and interesting. I walk out of most classes thinking ‘wow, cool!’. Highly recommended.” – Brent W

“Whether he’s giving me general advice on how to approach things as a guitar player, showing me cool tricks and techniques to incorporate into my playing, or blowing my mind with bits of theory, Marcus has always kept our weekly sessions interesting and exciting. I picked up my first guitar over a decade ago, but I’ve never been so motivated to learn and practice as I have been since I started lessons with him.” – Kyle B

"Marcus is a gifted natural teacher and musician. His creative approach to teaching guitar combined with his positive and supportive attitude make him a great teacher for beginners and advanced players alike. Marcus' approach also allows for complete flexibility to suit the goals of each student; a welcome change from many "one size fits all" teaching approaches." – Jody W