Beginner Guitar
Lessons Toronto

With Marcus Martin

Interested in learning how to play guitar or bass guitar? I’ll teach you the basics and help you develop the skills to continue learning on your own.

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I am a full-time musician and have been teaching since 1995. I have developed my teaching through some amazing teachers I have had, as well as some not-so-amazing teachers. I also write and tour under my own solo project, ARCTIC, as well as you can find out about my session guitar work here at Marcus Martin Music and my Rocking Blues Cover band The HI Players The HI Players Blues Trio

My lessons are private, enabling us to focus on each individual student’s strengths and weaknesses. Each lesson is broken down into weekly exercises, chords, and rhythms. You must allocate 15 minutes per day for these exercises. This gets your hands in shape so you have more control.

My lessons are not designed to be taken on a long-term basis; I teach the student how to focus on their weak points and overcome them on their own. My students are taught to know what to listen for, and how to apply it to their playing.

I don’t teach you your favourite songs. I find this approach financially draining, because it doesn’t give you the skills to learn the songs on your own. There is a difference between learning guitar and learning songs.

Instead, I teach you how to listen and apply the lessons so you can put on a CD and play along with it. We do work on a couple of songs of your choice so I can teach you how this method works. I do not teach from one particular book; I find each student has an unique way of learning and I lay out the lessons accordingly.

To get started contact me at Beginner Guitar Lessons Toronto.

All lesson take place near Bloor and Lansdowne. A quick walk from the Lansdowne station.

I also teach online lessons using Skype or Facetime. I have taught students from Vancouver, New York, San Francisco and Italy.